Cholesterol Drug Lipitor Linked to Diabetes

Many women are filing lawsuits against Pfizer, the makers of the cholesterol management medication Lipitor, claiming that using the drug caused them to develop type 2 diabetes.

lipitor diabetes side effectLipitor hit the market in 1997 and has since generated more than $100 billion in sales for the pharmaceutical giant. It is aggressively marketed directly to consumers through television ads prompting them to talk to their doctors about its benefits. However, the risk of diabetes is not clearly stated in the advertisements nor on the label. In 2011, the FDA asked Pfizer to change the wording of the label to better reflect this risk, but the new wording is still confusing.

The lawsuits assert that diabetes is a significant side effect and the risk of developing it should have been disclosed to patients before they were put on Lipitor. They further accuse Pfizer of either hiding this risk or failing in its responsibility to release safe, effective products.

When companies release defective products, they can potentially be held accountable for the injuries they cause. Diabetes is a lifelong disease that causes lifelong expenses. These lawsuits seek compensation from Pfizer to cover these treatment costs as well as other undue hardship brought upon the plaintiffs as a result of this undisclosed side effect.

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  1. How do things like this get released to the public? Have we not learned yet that extensive research is needed so that we don’t need to recall faulty products?

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